Transformers: The Last Knight - 10 Reactions To The First Trailer

Little kids: just what the Transformers movies needed!

transformers last knight

Let's face it: the Transformers films suck. They're mindless, incoherent CGI-fests that put style over substance every single time, feigning consequence and significance when in reality they're empty, hollow shells.

But Michael Bay doesn't give a sh*t about anyone's opinion thanks to the box office results. Transformers is currently the tenth highest-grossing film series in the world, with two entries grossing over one billion dollars. Clearly an enormous number of people like the films - or at least want to watch them - which is why there's about to be a fifth entry.

At the end of the day, it's not like film fans want the Transformers movies to suck. I'd much prefer to go into the film and have a good time. Which is why The Last Knight is another fresh chance for Michael Bay to put out something decent.

Will it be a fresh new take on the franchise? Or more of the same? Check out these ten reactions to the first trailer.

10. Wait...Anthony Hopkins Is In This?

mark wahlberg transformers

The very first notable thing in the trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight is the unmistakable voice of Anthony Hopkins, narrating the action. It has been said through the ages: without sacrifice, there can be no victory.

The inclusion of Hopkins is an immediate plus. The man can chew scenery like few others, immediately adding weight and drama to whatever scene he's in, even if that scene is totally ridiculous. Recently he's been doing some very fine work on the HBO TV show Westworld, so we've every reason to believe he'll be just as enjoyable. Besides, we all need a little bit more Hopkins in our lives.

He's been cast as a man named Sir Edmund Burton. We don't know who that is yet, but given the fact he's narrating the trailer, he must be fairly important.

Not a bad start to the trailer.


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