10 Typecast Movie Roles That Totally Ruined Major Plot Reveals

10. Kiefer Sutherland €“ Phone Booth

The Big Reveal The €˜killer€™ is wheeled out by the police and identified by Colin Farrell as the pizza delivery guy who tried to give him a free pizza earlier that day. But then while Farrell is being treated for his injuries, Kiefer Sutherland emerges as the real killer and reveals he is in fact alive and well, and will be back for more if Farrell doesn€™t do right by his wife. Why It€™s So Obvious: It€™s easy now to think of Kiefer Sutherland as synonymous with Jack Bauer, a good man who€™s willing to do whatever it takes to get results. But the actor had racked up plenty of sinister roles earlier in his career, most notably playing the gang leader / vampire in The Lost Boys and the lieutenant who gave the order in A Few Good Men. And Jack Bauer had only just hit TV when Phone Booth came calling in cinemas. So it was no surprise when the €˜big reveal€™ at the end of Phone Booth comes and, shock, the killer is actually still alive. It was Kiefer Sutherland who was on the other end of the phone call to Colin Farrell all along. On top of the typecasting, another problem was that Kiefer Sutherland has such a recognisable voice, which is a bit of a double-edged sword in this scenario. It works perfectly as a sinister and murderous killer on the other end of the phone call. But we know from the minute he starts talking that it€™s Kiefer Sutherland on the other end of that line, making the reveal have a lot less impact than probably intended.

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