V FOR VENDETTA director “laughed kinda nervously” at SUPERMAN rumour!

supermanmctieug/film's head Peter Sciretta is trying not to look too much into V for Vendetta director James McTeigue's response into claims he could be in line to direct a Superman reboot at Warner Bros - but Sciretta still has to report on what he witnessed. And what he witnessed was mega interesting, to say the least. When asked if last week's rumor from IESB that The Wachowski's would produce and he himself would direct the next Superman movie at Warner Bros, McTeigue (who had up until that point been very forthcoming about dismissing rumors of a Plastic Man film at WB, and any involvement in Magneto) - "laughed kinda nervously, and paused for a second, before giving me an interesting non answer"...
€œYou know€ I€ I would say€ I€™ll keep you guessing, actually. It€™s good not to dispel every rumor, right?€
IESB claim they spoke to anyone at WB and DC they could find about a potential upcoming Superman movie and were greeted with many pale blue faces, the sign of guilt that they know something they can't speak about yet. james-mcteigue-1195675568 In the wake of the recent court settlement in the case of WB and DC Comics vs. the heirs of Superman co-creator Jerome Siegel, we now know that a new movie with the Man of Steel must be put into production by 2011, as potentially WB and DC could lose copyright on the license of the character by 2013 - when all rights for Superman will move to the Siegel and Shuster estates. Potentially, that could see Marvel swoop in and buy the copyright license for their comics and films property and see one of DC's flagship characters and probably the most recognisable fictional character in the world, end up in the Marvel universe. But that's simply too mind blowing to contemplate at this time. We could talk all day about that situation. But back to McTeigue, and it's not hard to imagine that with the help of the Wachowski's (who themselves were linked to Superman earlier this year) he could be on a shortlist of directors Warner Bros. are looking at right now. He did them some good numbers with V for Vendetta and his special effects background will probably have taken their eye too. Personally, I don't think he's anywhere near ready to handle something like Superman, and even with the nursing of The Wachowski's, he shouldn't be given the job of such an important film. The Wachowski's by themselves on the other hand - I WOULD LOVE TO SEE. Also, hopefully the list of contenders also includes Stardust and Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn, who should still in consideration even though his pitch for an epic Superman trilogy with Wanted comic book creator Mark Millar never did get off the ground.

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