Venom: 10 Scrapped Scenes And Characters Revealed By New Concept Art

10. A Terrifying New Take On Riot

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One of Venom's biggest issues was its villain, Riot. Carlton Drake was a forgettable big bad with unclear motivations, and Riz Ahmed was largely wasted on a character who would have been better suited to the mostly terrible superhero movies from the mid-2000s. Even when he transformed into Riot, he just looked like a generic Venom copycat!

This concept art reveals just how different he could have looked, though, and this Riot is vastly more sinister than the version in the finished product. The symbiote radiates off its host, while the glowing eyes and long tongue make this alien look vastly different to the one that bonded with Eddie Brock.

Venom was supposedly a loser on his planet, and something of a runt. That might go some way in explaining why Riot looked so much more formidable, and it's interesting to wonder whether the alien which had bonded with Drake was almost too powerful for its host, hence why those tendrils appear to be radiating an alien energy.

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