Venom 2: 8 Directors Sony Should Hire

Who should be tasked with cleaning up this mess...

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With the recent confirmation that a Venom sequel is now greenlit, Sony finds themselves in an interesting position.

Not only was Ruben Fleischer's Venom not a particularly good movie, but it was also one that Sony themselves didn't seem all that proud of. They knew exactly what they had on their hands, which was why they trimmed essentially the entire second act of the film off just weeks before release, much to the chagrin of Tom Hardy.

Nevertheless, the film found staggering success at the box office (partially thanks to a so-bad-it's-good reputation) and has now left Sony scrambling to figure out what to do with a sequel.

Do they commit to Woody Harrelson and his truly awful Annie wig? Or do they scrap everything and just let Tom Hardy run wild?

This week they took their first strong step in the right direction, announcing that Ruben Fleischer would not be returning for the sequel, which is a great thing. Fleischer's direction was dull at its best and painful at its worst. Now, Sony should turn there attention to one of these directors for Venom 2, because they would absolutely deliver a film that finally delivers on the promise of this character.

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