Venom: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

12. Cletus Kasady

Kletus Kasady Woody Harrelson
Marvel Comics & Lionsgate

As many fans suspected, Woody Harrelson's mysterious role turned out to be none other than iconic criminal Cletus Kasady, who shows up for a hot minute in the film's mid-credits scene.

Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy) visits him in jail for an interview, and we get a brief glimpse of Harrelson kitted out in a ridiculous Poundland-calibre wig that's already earned him many mocking comparisons to the hit musical Annie.

Harrelson's a great actor of course, but he looks positively ridiculous in the wig while spouting the howlingly on-the-nose line, "There's gonna be Carnage", and mugging at the camera. It's about as low-effort a character introduction as they come, failing to muster much excitement at all beyond unintentional laughter.

Hopefully Harrelson was at least well-compensated for his time and dignity, though it'll be interesting to see if he actually ends up reprising this role for the proposed sequel in light of the damning reviews.


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