Venom: Every Character Ranked Worst To Best

11. Dr. Dora Skirth

Venom Jenny Slate Tom Hardy

When the marketing seemed to keep concrete information about Jenny Slate's character fairly vague, many suspected it was because there was some sort of plot twist related to her character.

As it turned out, it's simply because her Dr. Dora Skirth is a bit of a bore, and there really wasn't much to show off. Slate's a talented actress for sure, but she feels thoroughly miscast here, playing a Life Foundation scientist who takes news of Carlton Drake's (Riz Ahmed) skeevy antics to Eddie.

It initially seems like she's going to have a pretty hefty part, but apparently because the film can only have one major female character at once, she's quickly killed off by Drake after being unsuccessfully bonded to a symbiote. She dies off-screen in the most boring, feckless way possible, but even prior to that she was fatally uninteresting.


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