View Askewniverse: Every Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Which movie featuring Jay and Silent Bob is the premiere adventure for the beloved duo?


Hollywood loves a cinematic universe these days. From the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to the Fast Saga, to the Wizarding World, to the DCEU, every movie studio is on the lookout for the next movie they can turn into a cash-cow franchise. Though some can fall at the first hurdle - hello Dark Universe! - there is another cinematic universe that has been going since before any of these franchises were even thought of.

In 2019, another addition to this series was released called Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. Yes, it's the View Askewniverse.

In 1994, Clerks was released and has since spawned an entire universe which includes eight movies, one animated TV show, several comics, and made pop culture figures out if its two most recurring characters, Jay and Silent Bob.

This list will only include the eight movies that make up the official View Askewniverse, so any movies featuring cameos from characters in those movies, such as Scream 3 and Drawing Flies, won't be counted, and neither will movies retroactively added to the series, such as Zack and Miri Make A Porno.

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