Vince Vaughn: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked

Vince Vaughn

Let's face it, with Vince Vaughn, there's a good chance you feel pretty strongly. Over his career, the mostly-comic actor has inspired equal amounts love and hate in audiences, enjoying box office success as many times as he appears to phone in identikit anti-hero performances in poor films, and it doesn't help that he infamously has a very "distinct" personality.

He's a recognisable brand - the go-to-guy for Hollywood directors looking for a lead with enough everyman appeal to sell a story, with just the right blend of charisma and smarm to simultaneously make him the obvious choice for slightly annoying sidekicks who mask moral integrity behind a sometimes impenetrable fog of douchiness.

Equally, there is no mistaking Vaughn for any other actor thanks to his voice, mannerisms, and comedic timing, and to his credit, he knows what he is comfortable with. For the majority of the past decade, every movie he stars in tends to be a Vince Vaughn vehicle, in which he basically plays various degrees of exaggeration of himself, and is given the remarkably generous opportunity to do so.

Lately, fan adoration has been slowly declining for Vaughn's movies thanks to a string of seemingly uninspired and flat-out lazy choices. But if you go back through Vince's filmography, you will find a lot of gems, and some roles that truly allowed him to come alive. Yes, he might be essentially playing the same character endlessly, but it works, and that seems to be the reason he became so popular in the first place. When he is at the top of his game, he can outshine pretty much anyone else he shares the screen with, regardless of their own claims, and as much as we're occasionally encouraged to hate him, he makes for an infinitely watchable screen personality when he's on form.

The Internship (opening in the US today) is his latest film and first collaboration with Owen Wilson since the highly successful Wedding Crashers debuted in 2005, and in honour of this new movie, let's take a look at the actor's most memorable performances and some that would be best left forgotten.

Here€™s Vince Vaughn: 5 Awesome Performances And 5 That Sucked€


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