Warcraft: 10 Reasons It's A Huge Disappointment

Prepare to cringe.

Warcraft Paula Patton

Duncan Jones' long-awaited Warcraft movie is finally rolling out internationally (ahead of its U.S. release on June 10th), and it's fair to say that critics aren't exactly in love with it so far.

Though fan response has been a little more forgiving, that most audiences not in total denial will at least appreciate that the film hasn't lived up to the potential of the iconic video game, even if they did ultimately enjoy it as a slice of big-budget fan service.

Whether or not it does well enough at the box office to get a sequel, Warcraft is unfortunately another underwhelming video game adaptation to add to the pile. Time to keep our collective fingers crossed that Assassin's Creed finally breaks the curse in December, then...

For now, here are 10 reasons Warcraft is a huge disappointment...

10. Awful Editing & Pacing

Warcraft Paula Patton
Universal Pictures

One thing that's clear early on in the movie is that not even Oscar-winning editor Paul Hirsch could make much sense of what's going on.

Director Duncan Jones claimed this week that 40-or-so minutes were cut from the movie as mandated by Universal, resulting in an incredibly choppy, rushed final product, where Jones cuts hastily between various scenes and locations without allowing the audience to soak this wonderful world in.

That's not all, though: the fight scene editing is confusing and occasionally incomprehensible, and scene transitions often employ a crude cross-fade that makes the whole thing look laughably cheap and amateur.

Though Universal can only be blamed for some of these issues, it does suggest that their interference has severely compromised the end result.

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