Warcraft: 10 Reasons It's A Huge Disappointment

8. Practical & CGI Elements Clash Horribly

Warcraft Paula Patton

While there's no arguing that the CGI Orcs are the movie's easy highlight, the rest of the movie's visual effects palette simply isn't as refined or impressive.

Sadly, scenes featuring a mixture of live-action humans and CGI suffer in particular as a result of poor compositing, meaning that the practical sets and props end up looking rather cheap, like they belong in a low-budget BBC fantasy series.

Jones also doesn't help this by constantly cross-cutting between the gorgeously-rendered Orc scenes and the more awkward-looking human ones, highlighting the massive gulf of aesthetic quality between the two.

For a $160 million movie, is this level of visual inconsistency really acceptable? Parts of it look like a movie produced for about $100 million less than that.

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