We3: The Movie

Grant Morrison is one of the best comic book writers around. His work can be commercial, surreal, touching and innovative all at the same time. So it's perhaps odd that none of his work has ever been transplanted to film. That could all be changing soon though as producer Don Murphy (a man still probably more renowned for being punched by Quentin Tarantino than for any of his film work) is looking to make We3 into a feature at New Line.

The comic features three animals who are taken by the US government and turned into experimental weapons (sounds familiar!). Murphy tells ComingSoon...
"He (Morrison) wrote the comic and the script and it's the most insane mash-up in the history of movies if we pull it off. It's The Incredible Journey meets Terminator. Basically, the animals have been experimented on by the government and they're put into these combat suits, and then they escape and want to go home, and the government's like, 'They're heavily armed. Get them!' It's very cool."
Murphy is riding high on the success of Transformers and with Shoot 'Em Up looking promising the producer might have the clout to push this through. We3 has been on my "to read" list for a while now and a potential movie is encouragement enough to start reading. Incidentally, if you want another animal based comic recommendation try Brian K. Vaughan's Pride of Baghdad, it's a gem.
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