Wes Craven: Every Movie Ranked Worst To Best

From Scream to A Nightmare On Elm Street, which is Craven's best release?

Wes Craven
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Famed horror director Wes Craven has given us a real mixed bag of movies over the years, with everything from meta commentaries on the genre, to deadly bog monsters, to actual incestual pornos being released under the iconic Craven branding. You can't say he doesn't experiment, at the very least. Whether you're a mutant hillbilly or a S&M gimp, there's really something for everyone!

Craven is a straight-up weirdo in the best possible way, dreaming up nightmares and unleashing hellish creations in each of his bizarre movies. Whether disturbing, terrifying, or on the rare occasion touching, his films are both some of the most persevering and controversial in the horror genre.

Of course, with such a varied back catalogue, it's only fair that we tear it to shreds and face his best properties off each other to find the best of the best. From his unknown spooky 70s work to his horrific heavy hitters, these are Wes Craven's movies ranked from worst to best.

Oh, and we're only including those that had are cinematic Craven-directed movies - so no shorts, no TV films, and no segment work. It still comes in at a whopping 21 movies, so, let's get on with it...

21. The Fireworks Woman

Wes Craven
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You know that incestuous porno mentioned in the intro? Well, this is it, and for an intensely 70s scuzzy boning flick, it really isn't that bad.

By any filmic standard though, this sleazy story of two siblings who act on their sexual desires for each other really doesn't offer anything more up than a load of horizontal dancing and a bit of an icky feeling.

Angela gets worked up that her brother won't slam her clam when he becomes a priest and ends up on a rampant dick streak, relaying her fleshy adventures back through confessions. It's a porno. A B-movie porno. It's good for a porno, but that's about it.

And, The Fireworks Woman is actually directed by Abe Snake, a pseudonym for Craven on his second ever movie: which he should probably be quite thankful for...

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