What Happens After Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

8. Sharon Tate Becomes An Oscar-Winning A-Lister

Margot Robbie Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

At the time of that fateful night in Hollywood, Sharon Tate had been married to Roman Polanski for around 18 months and been directed by him in a single feature, 1967's The Fearless Vampire Killers.

And while we can never know for sure whether or not they would've stayed together for the rest of their lives, it's still highly likely they would've become one of Hollywood's big power couples throughout the 1970s.

Between Polanski's undeniable directorial prowess and Tate's rising star status - she received a "Most Promising Newcomer" Golden Globe nomination in 1967 - it was likely just a matter of time before the two re-teamed for a prestige picture.

Presumably after Tate took some time out to give birth to their child, of course.

While we as humans have a tendency to over-mythologise the dead in sentimental ways, it's easy to see how, had she lived, Sharon Tate would've become not only a proud mother but also an Oscar-winning actress, probably collaborating with her husband numerous times over the years.


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