What Spider-Man: Homecoming Cast Look Like In The Comics

Pretty much everyone is a comic book somebody.

Spider Man Homecoming Characters

When the initial cast-lists were being released (and occasionally leaked) ahead of Spider-Man: Homecoming's release, it became immediately very clear that there were a lot of characters coming into the MCU. Even more excitingly, those devilish marketeers at Marvel and Sony consciously shrouded the identity of most of the key supporting characters by refusing to give them anything beyond first names. In some cases, they got no names at all.

Inevitably, that led to several tidal waves of speculation - especially as so many of those mystery first names could relate to comic book characters - and now, finally we know who everyone is. And aside from a couple of invented characters, EVERYONE in Homecoming is someone from the comics. They might be reimagined versions, but if you're a Spidey fan, you know these people already.

Obviously, you don't need to see what Tony Stark looks like in the comics. He looks like Robert Downey Jr. Just like he always has. But how do the others look in their original comic book form.

Obviously, there are spoilers within for Homecoming...

23. Adrian Toomes/The Vulture

Vulture Michael Keaton

In The Comics

The seminal Spidey villain (he appeared all the way back in his second ever issue) has traditionally been portrayed as an old man ruined by his business partner who creates a flight suit (which unknowingly grants him superhuman strength) and turns to crime - and mostly theft and burglary.

Oh, and he looked like an actual bird with an old man's head.

In The Film

Played by Michael Keaton, Toomes has been aged down considerably (he has a teenage daughter, so he can't be quite as decrepit). His suit is also far different, with a far more sci-fi influenced technological edge (thanks to the repurposed alien tech that built it) and less of the bird man aesthetic.


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