What Spider-Man: Homecoming Cast Look Like In The Comics

22. Ned Leeds

Ned Leeds Jacob Batalon

In The Comics

Rather than being a high-school friend of Peter Parker, Ned Leeds is introduced as a field reporter at the Daily Bugle. He was full grown-up (obviously), traditionally blond and ended up dating Betty Brant after Peter (who ended up being best man at their wedding).

Later he became a replacement Hobgoblin when the real one brainwashed him and eventually revealed his identity, leading to Ned's death.

In The Film

Played by the exceptionally funny Jacob Batalon, Ned is based far more closely on the Ultimate Spider-Man "side-kick" Ganke Lee, Miles Morales' hyperactive classmate and friend, both in look and attitude.

21. Mac Gargan/The Scorpion

Mac Gargan Michael Mando

In The Comics

Introduced as a private detective hired by J Jonah Jameson to find Spider-Man's secret identity, Gargan became the subject of an experiment to make his job easier, resulting, sadly, in the loss of his sanity. From there on, he adopted the Scorpion gimmick and creepy super-suit (complete with deadly stinger), seeking vengeance on Jameson and Spider-Man.

Intriguingly, he'd later also go on to be Venom.

In The Film

Michael Mando's Gargan has no suit (though there is brief mention of his "tail" being made by Phineas Mason) - he has a scorpion on his neck and (eventually) facial scarring and a heavily pinned right arm from his encounter with Spider-Man on the Staten Island Ferry.


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