What Your Favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Says About You

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Is-BackIn-Bronze And the Oscar goes to...Arnold Schwarzenegger! This sentence may never actually be said out loud at an Academy Awards, but for many it will be said within our own heads as we watch the former Mr Olympia kill, grunt and crack another superb one liner for the millionth time. Yes indeed, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the greatest actor that ever lived. We all know it, but like so many of the great artists from history, such as Vincent Von Gogh or Edgar Allen Poe, poor Arnold may never get the recognition he deserves in his life time. With such a varied body of work that covers everything from killing people with his bare hands to killing people with large guns Arnold has done it all. But what does our favourite Arnie movie say about those of us who freely admit that we routinely seek the words of Schwarzenegger to help us through our day? Is it indeed possible to pick a single favourite in the first place? Or would such a decision lead to wars between nations that could only be resolved by the man himself loading up weapons in a typical 80s movie fashion and bringing the debate to a standstill with a rain of heavy gunfire? It could happen, and it€™s a risk we all must take as we examine what your favourite Arnold Schwarzenegger movie says about you!


twinsThe Movie: Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, The Two Ronnies, Schwarzenegger and Devito. The combination of the big man and small man has always proved to work for comedy, and Arnold and Danny appearing on screen together as twins separated at birth is one of the best examples. The plot of them finding out they are brothers is combined with a story that sees Devito as Vincent Benedict caught up being pursued by a cold blooded killer gives good reason for Arnold as Julius to put in a good amount of action. And whilst it may be assumed that if Arnie is bringing action to the table it would be left for Devito to handle the comedy, this is not at all the case. Arnold more than does his bit to ensure this odd couple movie is filled with laughs. With rumours that there will be a sequel called €˜Triplets€™ where Eddie Murphy is added to the mix is both very exciting and a worrying prospect. If they can pull it off it will be great, but spinning the joke of unlikely twins further by saying €˜Hey look we have another sibling who doesn€™t have a family resemblance because he€™s black€™ may not be enough to push a whole movie. After all after finding out each other were related surely Arnold and Danny would be fairly accepting that they could have an unlikely relative. twins-posterWhat It Says About You: You love 80s music, especially when it€™s put to silly driving scenes and characters searching for something. You wish they did that more in films these days. You think modern comedies have a lot they can learn from this film. You also point to this film as proof that Arnold is a great actor, and how different he compared to his earlier efforts. It bugs you that they don€™t care enough to argue this point and let you win. You also often quote people the rules relating to what they should do in a crisis situation. This usually results in a sudden act of violence on your part. They never learn. Soundbite: €œThe forth rule in a crisis situation is to watch Twins and follow the guidance of the first three rules.€ Favourite Non Arnie Movies: Groundhog Day, Coming To America

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