What Your Favourite Back To The Future Movie Says About You


Directed by Robert Zemeckis and released in 1985, Back to the Future follows a young guy called Marty McFly who accidently travels through time. Trapped in the past, he has to find a way to return to the future (his present) whilst avoiding altering history in the process. In particular he has to avoid wiping himself from existence. To those uninitiated in the adventures of Marty, Biff and co it may just seem another '80s movie. It€™s all too easy to look back at the decade that produced Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and Big Trouble in Little China, and think that these movies are viewed through rose-tinted glasses. And if you€™ve never watched them, it would be easy to think of Back To The Future as just another of these films. But those who have experienced the time-travelling glory that is Back To The Future Parts I, II and II will tell you that the series is something is worthy of its reputation. There are many ways to assess yourself in this world: psychological evaluation from a medical professional, astrology, religious beliefs, love testing machines in seaside arcades and so forth. This method is slightly different, but it's the only one associated with the greatest scientific mind of all-time: Doctor Emmett Brown. So please get your homemade Brain Wave Analysers at the ready as we are going to assess ourselves based on one simple question: "What does your favourite Back to the Future movie say about you?"

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