Which Movie About AI Is The Most Accurate?

Machine overlords or faithful little helpers?

Warner Bros/Orion

Going back almost a hundred years , filmmakers have dished up visions of what our future will look like once the dawn of robots is upon us.

Films about artificial intelligence tend to fall down into one of two tropes that we as viewers have come to know as shorthand: First robots will take away all our jobs, and then once our backs are turned, they’re gonna swipe us all up and toss us into vats of goo and suck out all the juicy electricity from our bodies—because it is their destiny!

The other big trope is that they’re all going to want to be human. Cuz being human is cool, right? Screenwriters must think to themselves: “I know if I was a robot, I’d sure want to be a human,” and then start scribbling away their little Pinocchio stories. It’s cinema, it’s what they do.

But to put you at ease, here a list a films that get some things right about AI and some that are just brainless, get-your-buttery-bucket-of-popcorn fun.


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