Which Movie About AI Is The Most Accurate?

11. The Matrix (Inaccurate)

AI Moves
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The Matrix Trilogy asks what if there were a Terminator-like war between humans and robots, and we got our arses handed to us?

The surviving humans decide to go hide underground while the POWs are kept in pods of pink slime and used as sources of energy (which itself would be completely inefficient)? And those of us in energy-farms are treated to a complimentary lifetime of dull existences inside a false reality? What is the point of giving us a false reality instead of just keeping us in comas?

Why It’s Inaccurate

In response to the growing popularity of the theory that we are already living inside a simulation similar to the Matrix, Oxford University conducted a study in 2017. Theoretical physicists tested the Matrix theory by trying to create their own, small-scale version of a Matrix-type reality, like the Sims but as a completely believable recreation of a physical universe.

What they found was there aren’t even enough atoms in the entire universeto pull off such a feat. This means that if we are actually living in a simulated universe, then whoever created it is using a computing force that is significantly larger than the entire universe than we (believe we) live in. So, with our current knowledge of the universe, we are several millennia or even eons away from having that kind of power.

There’s no way that human-created AI would be able to pull it off in just a couple decades as depicted in The Matrix.


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