Who Should Play Ant-Man, Luke Cage & Iron Fist in Marvel's Forthcoming Films?

Following our guesses as to what Marvel’s secret movies for 2014 might be, and our casting suggestions for Doctor Strange, we have come up with our favourite choices for potential Ant-Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist movies.

Following our guesses as to what Marvel€™s secret movies for 2014 might be, and our casting suggestions for Doctor Strange, we have come up with our favourite choices for potential Ant-Man, Luke Cage and Iron Fist movies. All these characters have movies under development at Marvel and in the case of Ant-Man, a script has already been turned in with a director attached (Edgar Wright) and the trigger could be pulled on it at any moment. We certainly hope Ant-Man is next and to celebrate the movie, here are our definitive casting choices for that film and their other potential future films.


Rumour has it that Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish€™s long-gestating script for the Ant-Man movie features two incarnations of the titular hero; Original inventor of the shrinking technology Dr Henry Pym and then thief-turned-crimefighter Scott Lang. It isn€™t known whether one Ant-Man will take a lesser role €“ ie. Pym perhaps taking the role of mentor €“ but my preference would be for two contrasting Ant-Men with the same abilities but different styles trying to achieve the same goal. A kind of Ant-Man vs. Ant-Man plot. Either way, the potential to play up two different styles of Ant-Man acting could be a big boon for both the dramatic and comic elements. Casting Suggestion for Henry Pym: Aaron Eckhart With his matinee-idol looks and a strong history of straight-laced authority figures with more going on beneath the surface, Eckhart is ideal to play the often mentally fragile Pym. Despite Dr Henry Pym€™s character making drastic changes since his creation by Stan Lee, Pym€™s core characteristics have always been that of a genius, although one prone to massive errors of judgement. Eckhart has the acting chops/mandibles required for the comic touch that Edgar Wright might provide as well as the earnestness and likeability Pym might need to keep audiences onside while he tries to make up for his mistakes. Runner up: Nathan Fillion €“ while a fan favourite for the role, Fillion himself has said that his contract as amateur sleuth Castle currently keeps him too busy plus, of all the superheroes he would want to play, Ant-Man wouldn€™t be his first choice anyway. Oh well. Casting Suggestion for Scott Lang: Zachary Levi Best known as TV€™s Chuck, Levi has had a flirtatious history with the Marvel Universe, auditioning for roles in both this year€™s Thor and Captain America movies. Perhaps as Scott Lang, it€™s time for Levi to make the ant-sized leap from secret agent to superhero. Scott Lang is an electronics whiz who can€™t make ends meet to help sick daughter Cassie so resorts to burglary, including stealing Henry Pym€™s Ant-Man technology. Portrayed as spirited and wily, not only is Lang a good foil for Pym but Levi has already proven himself able to knock banter out the park. If the movie version contained storylines about either his daughter or his criminal activities and subsequent jail time, this could also show different dimensions to Chuck€™s innocence. Runner up: Jason Schwartzman €“ already an Edgar Wright alumni from his turn in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Schwartzman would make for a similar contrast to Pym€™s classic heroism. Schwartzman plays comedy deadly straight, mixing laughs and pathos and his indie credentials could really help assert Ant-Man as a different kind of superhero movie.

Heroes For Hire (Luke Cage and Iron Fist)

Both Power Man and Iron Fist have been in bouncing round development purgatory for the best part of a decade now. But, for every rumour about either a Luke Cage or Iron Fist standalone movie, the comments below will always mention that it needs to be a film about both. Neither character was an especially big-hitter when first introduced, but when they teamed up under Chris Claremont€™s seminal story, their interplay and repartee became something much more than either the Blaxploitation or mystical martial arts style characters they were created for. Casting Suggestion for Luke Cage (Power Man): Idris Elba Acclaimed on both sides of the law for The Wire and Luther, Elba almost seems too easy a choice for his innate presence that would be perfect for the mercenary turned full on good guy Luke Cage. Even more promising is that, having dipped his toe in comic book movies like The Losers and Thor, at this year€™s Comic-Con, Elba stated he wanted the part. Born in Harlem then incarcerated for a crime he was innocent of, Luke Cage was subjected to a suspect medical test as part of his parole but which gave him heavier muscle and €˜steel€™ skin. Becoming a super-powered investigator or €˜Hero for Hire€™, Cage operated far more in the grey area between superhero, mercenary and vigilante as he took the law into his own hands, before eventually becoming more and more recognised by the superhero community. While Elba is perfect for the always contemporary blurred legality of his heroic acts, I just hope the 70s slang such as Cage€™s catchphrase €˜Sweet Christmas!€™ stays in the seventies. Runner Up: There is no other choice! Okay, maybe Isaiah Mustafa from the Old Spice commercials as he€™s also lobbying for the part. Casting Suggestion for Iron Fist: Timothy OlyphantKnown as the tough hand of the law in Justified and Deadwood, Olyphant could bring a strong sense of Kill Bill-style East meets West as millionaire heir Danny Rand who suffers the loss of his wealthy parents from a cliff-side path while searching for the mysterious city of K€™un-L€™un and is then raised there, learning the ways of the Iron Fist before returning to America as an adult. As a kind of alternate Bruce Wayne, Olyphant could bring his trademark sense of doing what needs to be done as Danny Rand/Iron Fist €“ returning to his home city of New York but with an enlightened outsider€™s perspective. Runner Up: Ray Park €“ if a solo Iron Fist movie were to go for a full-on kung fu flick where acting could take a second seat behind martial arts ability, then there would be no other choice than for Darth Maul himself. Park has been linked to the role of Iron Fist for nearly 10 ten years. But, despite roles in other superhero shows like Heroes, would it be stronger to teach an actor martial arts than a martial artist to act?
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