Why The Mummy (1999) Is The PERFECT Action Movie

9. A Solid Secondary Cast

The Mummy 1999
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Rick is a terrific hero, and one that will be explored in further detail later on in this list, but this isn't his time to shine. Rather, credit needs to be given to the fun and varied characters that support him on his journey.

While the most obvious highlight is his romantic counterpart Evelyn Carnahan, the perpetual third-wheel that is her brother Johnathan is an absolute stand-out. At times, Johnathan is shown to be charming, goofy, unreliable, and knowledgeable, he is surprisingly fleshed out given the tone of the film. He even plays a crucial part defeating Imhotep at the end, showing he isn't there strictly for comic relief.

Lending further credence him though is Oded Fehr's turn as Ardeth Bey. Bey is a member of the Medjai, a sacred order of men tasked with preventing the escape of the mummy (it doesn't go well). Fehr is excellent at exuding a calm menace that helps sell the horror of the situation.

Joining him is Erick Avari as Dr. Terrence Bey, the librarian and undercover member of the Medjai. Avari adds gravitas and humor, a delicate balance while simultaneously helping ex posit on the lore of the story at large.

Many of these parts could have been simple, throwaway parts, but in the hands of capable actors and a smart, self-aware script, these minor parts became critical in lending authenticity to the preceedings.

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