Wonder Woman 1984: 10 Major New Reveals From The Set Visits

6. Why 1984 And Where Is Diana Prince When The Movie Begins?

Wonder Woman 84 Poster
Warner Bros. Pictures

At this point, revisiting the 1980s has almost become a bit of a drag, but remember that Wonder Woman 1984 was originally supposed to be released last year! Asked whether the year 1984 was chosen as a reference to George Orwell's novel, producer Charles Roven chose his words carefully, saying, "We should have that conversation after you’ve seen the film."

For what it's worth, associate producer Anna Obropta was willing to elaborate, saying: "[1984] was everything commercialism, passion, wealth, even violence was in excess. It was a decade of greed and desire." In other words, "it was humanity at its best and at its worst."

Where does Diana Prince fit into all this? Well, she can be found in Washington, D.C. working in the anthropology and archaeology department of the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

"She’s slightly disengaged with the world and a bit lonely as the world whips around her," Obropta explains, saying that Diana "doesn’t really want to make close connections with anyone. She knows either she’s going to hurt them because she’ll have to disappear one day or she will lose them because they’ll grow old. After the loss of Steve and the entire team later on, I think Diana is in a place where she’s happy where she is. She’s fairly lonely, but she made the decision to do that."


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