Wonder Woman Trailer Review: 7 Ups & 4 Downs

Can Wonder Woman change the DC tide?

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

The rickety DC train is still chugging along and next stop is Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. Taking the beloved character back in time for her obligatory origin story, Wonder Woman will chart the first adventures of the Princess of Themyscira as she leaves her Amazonian island to assist Chris Pine's Steve Trevor in the fight for freedom during World War I.

The film has had its fair share of difficulties with its first director Michelle MacLaren's surprising exit due to 'creative differences' along with reports from a disgruntled former Warner Brothers employee claiming that the film is 'a mess'. Luckily it's easy to take the latter with a grain of salt, and the former seems to happen increasingly.

And despite all this the second trailer is upon us and so far it actually looks quite (pun incoming) wonderful - at least there are some serious positives to take from it. It just so happens that there are also some points of concern.

First let's look at the good things...


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