Wonder Woman Will Fight Doomsday In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

So that's who she's fighting at the end of the trailer?

Last month's Comic-Con trailer for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice started to swing me a little on the project. It suggested an intriguing narrative foundation for Affleck's tortured Bruce Wayne and helped me to appreciate the story's machinations beyond the one-note and incredibly sober teaser trailer. It also gave a glimpse of Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman in action - armour and weapons readied - taking part in a sizeable confrontation with an unknown enemy. Well, unknown until now that is. The identity of that foe has now been uncovered, and he's no push-over. I'm talking about Doomsday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WWzgGyAH6Y So it seems that Wonder Woman, clad in full warrior garb, will do battle with the (in comic) Superman killer. According to Heroic Hollywood, she uses her own blade to detach Doomsday's hand, before watching the monster regrow the limb as a sword of his own. Freaky stuff, and probably a good indicator that she's gonna need some additional back-up to dispatch the monster. Doomsday is rumoured to be created through a genetic experiment conducted by Lex Luthor using the remains of General Zod. It's probably safe to assume he'll be the central reason behind the titular heroes eventual reconciliation (gotta get that Justice League afoot somehow). Maybe this fight with Wonder Woman is part of a finale that sees all three heroes have a crack at the colossal foe? Whether solo or operating as part of a team, however, Wonder Woman looks suitably tested in the footage.
What do you guys think? Is Wonder Woman formidable enough to take down Doomsday or will she need help? Maybe you disagree and think she's fighting somebody else? Let us know below.Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice is in cinemas March 25, 2016.
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