Won't Get Fooled Again?

A line at the end of this Hollywood Reporter article states that Warner Bros. are 'nearing a greenlight on The Flash' (presumably from that script by Dan Mazeau) and that development is still afoot for movies based on the characters of Wonder Woman, Aquaman and even a Mad Magazine spin-off. But... haven't we heard this same old song and dance for the past ten years? Isn't this the usual spiel we hear at least twice a year from Warner Bros. execs? Until firm casting announcements come in, I would take anything and everything you hear from WB in regards to their comic book properties with a huge grain of salt. Elsewhere, Warner Bros. have set a Dec. 17th 2011 release date for the Sherlock Holmes sequel, and one plan right now is for Batman 3 and the Superman reboot from Team Nolan to BOTH be released in 2012 (B3 in the summer.... Superman reboot in the winter). Over at Marvel (i.e. a studio that is getting things done), Tommy Lee Jones (likely as military), Dominic Cooper (as Howard Stark, Tony's father younger than we saw in Iron Man 2) and Toby Jones have all joined Captain America since I last reported on the film.

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