X-Men: Apocalypse Official Trailer Breakdown - 36 Things You Need To See

We basically know the whole plot now.

In the past week we've had Civil War's Final Tailer and Batman V Superman's International Trailer, now it's time for X-Men: Apocalypse to show more of its hand. Word has been pretty quiet on Bryan Singer's Days Of Future Past follow-up, with the teaser released late last year and a TV Spot at the Superbowl the sum total of our footage. But now we have a full trailer, showing lots of new footage and giving us a better view of the plot. A much better view of the plot. In fact, based on what's here we know pretty much the entire plot of the film, including how the whole thing's going to end. Trailer editors and their predictability, eh? That niggling issue aside, it's a solid trailer, and I'm still pretty amped for this movie (possibly more so than even Captain America). So let's embrace our inner mutant and break it all down, awesome plot point by awesome plot point.

36. The Movie's Ending?

We kick things off in a very classical X-Men manner, with Professor X and Magneto discussing mutant's standing in human society. To top it off, we get a nice wide aerial shot of the X-Mansion, showing the land around it and highlighting how isolated our heroes are from society.
"Doesn't it ever wake you up in the middle of the night, the feeling that some day they'll come for you and your children?" says Erik, a direct quote from the end of the original X-Men. This is a very different Magneto to the one we see elsewhere in the trailer - either in hiding or a stooge of Apocalypse - so I'm willing to bet what we're seeing here is actually the end of the movie, with the defeat of En Sabah Nur leaving human-mutant relations on a knife edge, setting the stage for the more modern-inclined stories.
Of course, Charles with hair would seem to suggest this is early on, and it easily could be - the last like Charles and Erik were together before everything fell apart - but I think this is just tricksy trailer editing.

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