X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Breakdown - 40 Things You Need To See

"I have been called many things..."

After promising that the first teaser for Bryan Singer's epic X-Men event movie would debut with Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Fox have followed the trend of unveiling the trailer early to the Internet. Inevitably the question of where it places in the 2016 superhero trailer derby is a pertinent one: does it outdo Batman V Superman? Is it better than the Civil War teaser? It's both of those and more. The trailer is arguably the best superhero related trailer of the entire year (talk about leaving it late), building tension, introducing new characters and basically selling the idea that Apocalypse is very, very bad news for the X-Men and humanity. And it achieves it without ever giving up too much of the story - something Warner Bros. should have learned by now. So what did we get to see?

40. "I Could See The Future"

The trailer opens with Jean Grey awakening from a nightmare that shows her a vision of the apocalyptic future promised by Apocalypse's rise. We get a glimpse of Apocalypse in Michael Bay slanting camera tradition, and then a quickfire montage that seems to warn of what the world can expect from him.
Death, basically.
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