X-Men Dark Phoenix: 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions We Still Have

6. Where Was Wolverine?

X Men Apocalypse Wolverine Jean Grey
20th Century Fox

Apocalypse memorably featured a brief cameo from Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), which introduced the legendary superhero to the younger X-Men in a bout of shameless yet rather entertaining fan service.

Fans naturally assumed that the character might make another fleeting appearance in this movie as a definitive farewell following his demise in Logan, but alas, he's entirely absent.

So, in 1992, what exactly was Wolverine doing? And how does he end up in the X-Mansion in 2023, as depicted by Days of Future Past's climactic flash-forward?

The Likely Answer

Unfortunately Kinberg gives us virtually nothing to work with here.

In interviews the filmmaker claimed that he toyed with including Wolverine in the film, before deciding that nobody wanted to see a love story revolving around a 50-year-old Hugh Jackman and a 22-year-old Sophie Turner.

He's not wrong, but did that really preclude Wolverine from appearing in the movie at all?

A hint at how Dark Phoenix eventually links up with Days of Future Past could've satisfying tied everything together, but with the franchise now over, fans will be left to speculate on it forever more.


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