X-Men Dark Phoenix: 10 Biggest Unanswered Questions We Still Have

5. Why Did The Government Give Magneto Genosha?

Dark Phoenix Magneto Michael Fassbender

When we reconnect with Magneto in the movie, he's presiding over a community of refugee mutants on the island of Genosha, which is ripped straight from the comics.

But ignoring the fact that a mutant of Magneto's power apparently can't throw together more than a few shipping containers for shelter, he mentions that the land was given to him by the U.S. government, allowing him and his kind to live away from the rest of humanity.

This doesn't really make much sense, though. After the events of Apocalypse, where Erik destroyed Auschwitz, wrecked Cairo and killed literally millions of people in the process, why would the government ever do anything for him?

That's not to ignore his previous run-ins with the U.S., nor the fact that letting a group of dubiously moral mutants band together in isolation just sounds like an all-around terrible idea.

The Likely Answer

There's no real sense to this, yet it's consistent with the series constantly downplaying Magneto's heinous actions and having Xavier still believe in his inner-good - a stance that couldn't seem more laughable post-Apocalypse.

Magneto was allowed to live out his life in Genosha for the same reason he was able to play chess with Charles at the end - Simon Kinberg can't be bothered to deal with the actual ramifications of the man's actions.


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