X-Men: Dark Phoenix - 21 Easter Eggs & References Explained

Mutant cameos, MCU gags and the mutant paradise...

X Men Dark Phoenix Bishop

X-Men: Dark Phoenix - or simply Dark Phoenix to give it its official name - was a long time coming and it's fair to say it was a difficult road. Depending on who you believe, the film also changed a massive amount from what it was initially intended to be (at least partly thanks to Captain Marvel). Whether we will hear the full extent of those changes remains to be seen, but this was very much one of the final steps on the Fox X-Men journey now that Disney are in charge of the rights.

The film is, somewhat inevitably, tied quite closely to comics lore, broadly speaking - it is, after all based on the Dark Phoenix Saga from the comics - but there are considerable changes from the comics. That said, there are still some Easter Eggs, comics references and gags in there that need to be uncovered and explained as usual.

So what did we find?

21. The 20th Century Fox Ident

20th Century Fox X Men

As is customary with X-Men movies, the 20th Century Fox logo - which appears here for the second last time, of course - has a little X-Men tribute on it. The X of the monolith statue is lit up prominently and is the last letter to fade as the movie starts. It's a small touch, but it's still very welcome - particularly when the "X-Men" has officially been dropped from the title for no apparent reason.

And speaking of titles, the working title for Dark Phoenix was X-Men: Teen Spirit, obviously in honour of Nirvana's classic hit.

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