X-Men: Dark Phoenix - Magneto The Cult Leader & Genosha Appearing

Get ready for another side of Magneto...

Magneto Cult

If you're sick of Magneto's storylines basically being the same every time he appears in X-Men movies, there may be some good news coming in X-Men: Dark Phoenix. The sequel will apparently show off a very different side of the iconic villain.

Nerdist has shared a rumour suggesting that Michael Fassbender has a new costume that looks to consciously ape the traditional look of cult leaders. They mention messianic imagery and hint at the debut of the Acolytes, which would fit as Dark Phoenix is set in the same time-period (the early 90s) that saw them appear first time in the comics.

They replaced the more militaristic followers in the Brotherhood Of Mutants, and treated Magneto more like their saviour, in religious terms. Among their number were Exodus, Fabian Cortez and Colossus for a time. It also fits that their base was the Avalon space station, since the film will apparently see the X-Men franchise head to space for the first time.


Even more excitingly, the same source says that the film will introduce Genosha - the fictional country Magneto ruled as the new mutant homeland.

You'd think Magneto would have learned his lesson in X-Men: Apocalypse that attracting attention can only end badly for him, but there's obviously some serious benefit to surrounding himself with powerful, adoring subjects...


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