X-Men Movies: 7 Perfect Performances & 7 That Sucked

At least they got Magneto perfect TWICE!

X Men Magneto

While X-Men: New Mutants is still to come, it very much feels like the X-Men franchise as it once was is no more. The Disney deal that will bring the characters into the MCU (whenever it actually happens) means the era that opened with Bryan Singer's X-Men back in 2000 has come to a close and a new dawn awaits.

It was a great franchise, for the most part, with a few missteps along the way (and an unfortunate end point) and Disney will genuinely have their work cut out for them to surpass its high-points. Equally, they'll have a low benchmark for some elements that will make giving fans something better a little easier.

The acting side of things applies to both ends of the spectrum. Some of the performances in the X-Men movies to date have been so definitive that recasting them will be impossible but there are also some that Fox themselves probably regret. And with the first age of the X-Men screeching to a halt, now's the perfect time to look back at the best and the worst.

First the poor ones...

7 X-Men Performances That Sucked

7. Tyler Mane - Sabretooth

Sabretooth Tyler Mane

While X-Men Origins was terrible, it did do a couple of positive things, with the redo of Sabretooth (played by Liev Schreiber second time out) standing out massively. Because, frankly, the first time we met him, he wasn't all that great at all.

Bryan Singer's take on the character was far removed from the nuanced, complex villain with an inferiority complex who was driven by envy that he would become in Origins and to be fair, he didn't really require a character of Schreiber's calibre. Still, it would have been nice to have someone slightly more suited to acting than former WCW wrestler Tyler Mane.

In his hands, Sabretooth is little more than a stunt performance with impressive make-up and prosthetics and his limits make it look very much like Magneto had a serious problem choosing suitable henchmen.

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