X-Men Quiz: Who Killed Who?

Before the Avengers hit the screen we had the original super hero saviors of the world.


When we think of Marvel movies our brains automatically go to the heavy hitters of the franchise, such as the Avengers and their spin offs. As much as they have earned that response with being some of the greatest movies to hit the big screen in the past 15 years, we can't forget about those in the Marvel franchise that came before it.

The X-Men franchise is one of the first major successes in comic book movies for Marvel. With the release of the first movie in 2000, for the first time we were able to see Charles Xavier's X-Men take on Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants on the big screen.

This was a breaking point for comic book movies becoming more popular in the mainstream media and with the many sequels, prequels and spin offs to come, it was the first major look at the possibility of a Marvel Cinematic Universe. You could even say it was what paved the way for the Avengers movies.

How well do you remember cinema's original Marvel superhero team? Can you identify who killed who in the X-Men movie franchise?

Answers are at the end!

1. Apocalypse

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