X-Men Sequels: 10 New Mutants Who Need To Be Included

8. Psylocke

Psylocke Elizabeth Braddock is the daughter of a knight of the Arthurian parallel dimension, Otherworld, a pilot, model, and telepath. More than a mere mutant, she has experience as a bona fide superhero, having stood in as Captain Britain for her twin brother, Brian, when he was indisposed. After surviving an attempt on her life by the assassin Slaymaster, she was enthralled by the alt dimension slaver Mojo, kidnapped by he and his six-armed swordstress Spiral, given cybernetic eyes, and renamed Psylocke. When she was rescued by the New Mutants, Psylocke joined the X-Men and enjoyed a period of relative normality aiding Professor Xavier€™s charges until a Japanese crime boss transferred the broken mind of his lover into her body in an attempt to rehabilitate it, effectively giving Psylocke an entirely new body and, for a time, identity, as she was brainwashed into becoming the deadly katana-wielding ninja, Lady Mandarin. After regaining her identity, she rejoined the X-Men, began a relationship with Archangel, was brutally attacked by Sabretooth, and became telekinetic during the means of her recovery, which alienated her from Archangel. Shortly thereafter, while searching for Destiny's prophetic diaries, she was murdered by Vargas, resurrected by her brother Jaime, and reunited with Archangel. In other words, she just be the most interesting woman in the world.

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