X-Men: The Prequel?

Wolverine and Magneto are already on the way, but can we expect an X-Men origins film, too?

Wolverine and Magneto movies seem to be moving ahead at a fair clip, there€™s been little to no news on another ensemble X-pic - which is head scratchingly bizarre considering X-Men 3 made a shed-load of cash. I don€™t think Fox have ever completely ruled out an X-Men 4 but the general belief was that they€™ve told the story they wanted to with the characters of the first three films. Now, courtesy of Xmenfilms.net, there€™s further news on possible X-Men features. Turns out if you tap in X-MenOrigins.com into your browser you€™ll get redirected to Fox€™s homepage. The site speculates that Fox may drop that title in with their Magneto and Wolverine pics as they both deal with the characters in their early years. However, there€™s a good chance that the domain could also in fact be a precursor to a new X-Men film. There€™s been murmurings of Young X-Men and X-Men Year Zero/One ideas going around (my hope would be that they set it in the 60s to bring it inline with the comics and play up the MLK/Malcolm X similarities) so perhaps there€™s movement on one of those concepts. Incidentally, does anybody else think that Fox should switch their X-prequel creative teams, with Gavin Hood doing Magneto and David Goyer Wolverine? That seems to make a lot more sense to me. source €“ xmenfilms

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