10 Best Xbox One Games (So Far)

Absolutely mandatory titles for your Xbox One library.

It's been almost ten months since its release in November 2013, and the Xbox One has had a moderately strong year. While Microsoft's console has lagged behind Sony's Playstation 4 somewhat in terms of sales, it's a powerful competitor, particularly in the United States. With the Xbox One, Microsoft were keen to market the unit as an 'all-in-one' entertainment system, striking deals with companies like Amazon, Twitch, and Google TV. The in-built 'snapping' functionality also makes it easy to multi-task, such as browsing online while watching live television. Don't let the focus on multimedia entertainment fool you though, the Xbox One is still a serious gaming machine. The controller continues the high standards set by its predecessor, and many of the launch games were some of the most beautiful on the market. Xbox Live also continues to offer a premium online experience, with its marketplace a strong evolution from the brilliant Xbox Live Arcade. This list takes a look at the best games that have been released on the Xbox One since its launch. There's still lots more incredible titles to come over the years, but these are 10 games available to buy right now that truly deserve a place in your Xbox One collection.

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