10 Great Video Games Made By Just One Person

8. Stardew Valley

Eric Barone

Stardew Valley is one of the most successful indie releases of all time, selling millions of copies on all platforms and earning ports and re-releases for all of the big current-generation consoles, as well as making its way into countless 'Game Of The Year' lists.

Well, this charming farming sim was all made by a man named Eric Barone, who often goes under the moniker 'ConcernedApe'. Barone studied computer science at college and had wanted to break into the game industry and get a job with a big studio, but wasn't able to find a position anywhere. Still, he kept at it, and started making a little game in his own spare time.

Originally, his project started off as a way for him to improve his design skills, but it gradually began to take shape as a faithful and enjoyable homage to the classic Harvest Moon series. Barone had been a lifelong fan of the Harvest Moon games and spent four whole years tweaking and refining the game before finally releasing it to widespread acclaim.

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