10 Ludicrous Video Game Special Editions That We Totally Want

Talk about a hype package!

CD Projekt RED

In this day and age, video game developers and publishers will go to extreme lengths in order to capture market interest. From expensive floor demos at huge events, to monstrous marketing campaigns, all the way down to costly vertical slice playthroughs, from the moment a game is given the green light it's all hands on deck to make sure our hands open our wallets come the titles release.

However with EVERY publisher applying the same tactics, your fancy light show might get lost amidst all the others and it's harder and harder to convince people WHY they should purchase your title, so why not double down on what comes with the game itself?

Enter the special, executive, directorial, ultimate, definitive and uber big editions. These monsters of the gaming industry are like goody bags for those with enough cash (and sometimes little sense) and while a lot of them contain a fair amount of tat, there are a few that make you sit back and say...

"well goddam that's cool"

So let's celebrate what makes these games so special and laugh at the ludicrous nature of some of these over the top editions.

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