10 Most Essential Nintendo Switch Games (So Far)

How's your library shaping up?


It might have taken a few months to get off the ground - not that this affected sales in any way - but the Nintendo Switch finally has a healthy body of exclusives to face off against the likes of the PS4 and Xbox One. Obviously we've always had the mighty, one-of-the-best-games-of-all-time Breath of the Wild, but once you'd cooked a few thousand recipes, freed Princess Zelda and introduced Ganon to the business end of the Master Sword, then what?

Nintendo's response was a fairly characteristic, "Just wait and see", with their initial list of announced, forthcoming titles certainly being solid enough, yet resigned to a schedule that meant only one dropped every couple of months. Naturally, in the time between we've seen the indie contingent of gaming step in to fill the gap rather handsomely, with everything from puzzle gems like Tumbleweed to first-person hack n' slasher Severed being awesome additions to a burgeoning system library.

Going into the fourth quarter of 2017, Nintendo appear to be powering down a tad, as though Super Mario Odyssey is still coming in October, it's their last big first-party release on home console, letting owners take a look back at everything released so far.

Have you got the best possible Nintendo Switch library?

Let's find out.

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