10 Outrageously Dirty Secrets You Won’t Believe Are Hidden In Children’s Games

3. The Massive Penis-Shaped Rock €“ Mario Kart

It appears that game developers have a penchant for penises in their geography. We've already seen the one in Banjo Kazooie (complete with nice little ejaculate islands), but the one in Mario Kart is just a tad more excessive. If you happen to be exploring the sunny climes of Peach Beach anytime soon, be sure to keep your eyes out for a massive big pink rock in the distance. From close-up it doesn't look like much - but observe from afar and you'll soon realise that without a doubt there's a massive, floppy, bright pink dong hanging over the track ahead of you. This mysterious giant penis of doom has appeared twice in the series now. It's first appearance was in Mario Kart Double Dash, while the second was found inside the more recent Mario Kart Wii. An inside joke from the house of Nintendo, or unintentional design recycled over two games by using old assets? You can decide on that one my friends.
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