10 Times Video Game DLC Was Better Than The Main Story

9. The Lost Crowns - Dark Souls II

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Bandai Namco

Dark Souls II wasn't bad, it just wasn't the calibre of the original. Had it been released without the shackles of the Dark Souls brand, it probably would have been received a lot more favourably. It simply didn't reach the heights of the original game, largely due to uninspired level design and bosses.

That was until the DLC dropped and absolutely shattered the original game's level design. The three additional DLC areas are on par if not better than the original game. They all have a gimmick around which the worlds are built, with the levels being incredibly intricate and well thought out.

Not only that, but the bosses are arguably the best examples for certain Dark Souls tropes. Fume Knight is one of the best standard knight bosses. Sinh is the best dragon boss. And The Ivory King is an ambitious gimmick boss that is worth experiencing.

Except for the optional ones... They are literal garbage fires...


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