10 Video Game Boss Transformations You Didn't See Coming

9. Eveline - Resident Evil 7

Final Fantasy X Yunalesca

You have to feel at least a little sorry for Resident Evil 7's primary antagonist Eveline, a young girl who was conceived as a bio-weapon from birth to control people's minds, but who simply wanted a family of her own.

Nevertheless, her reign of viral terror needs to be put to an end, and at the game's climax, protagonist Ethan injects her with the E-Necrotoxin intended to kill her, but which instead reveals her "true" form, of an elderly wheelchair-bound woman, due to her accelerated ageing.

The toxin causes Eveline to feel tremendous pain before her human visage quickly melts into a black, moldy sludge, and mutates into a gigantic mold monster for the game's final boss fight.

Many fans decry the final battle as an underwhelming departure from the game's more creative prior encounters, and let's be honest, seeing Eveline's face plonked in the middle of the moldy mass does look a little bit silly, doesn't it?

Nevertheless, did anyone see this epic glow-down coming?


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