10 Video Game Companions So Powerful They Made YOU Feel Like The Sidekick

Next to these characters, you're the hero only in title.

Ciri witcher 3
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Every good hero needs a trustworthy sidekick, and video games provide plenty of recruitable companions to fulfil this exact role for your main character.

However, sometimes the power dynamic of such duos can feel a bit off. Although you're supposed to be the hero of your story, the sheer power level of your number two is so great that you end up looking like the sidekick in comparison.

Yes, in some games, you can unintentionally pick up companions and allies who put your own character to shame and make you question why you're even considered the protagonist.

From talented prodigies to chosen ones and even gods, these companions don't really feel like background characters in your travels.

Their backstory, status, and raw power can give any aspiring hero an inferiority complex, so unless you enjoy being carried through a game and playing second fiddle, you probably shouldn't let them tag along with you. Or perhaps you could help them unlock their true potential instead.

Whatever the case may be, the following companions are no simple sidekicks.

10. Chrom - Fire Emblem: Awakening

Ciri witcher 3

Fire Emblem Awakening follows your amnesiac character as they travel across the world and, well, follow a more important character in the form of the hero-king of legends, Chrom.

Yes, in true Fire Emblem fashion, although you get to create your own playable character, the true protagonist of the game is actually the series' mandatory blue-haired noble tied to a prophecy.

From the very beginning of Awakening's story, everything you do is tied to Chrom and his kingdom. Every character is there to aid his cause (including you), and the first major plot point revolves around you helping him find a wife to rule and have a child with.

The game calls you Chrom's military strategist, and even though it later reveals that you are also tied to a greater destiny, it's honestly hard to not feel like you are mostly there just to advise Chrom on doing his own thing.

Well, this shouldn't really be surprising, seeing as you are competing for the main character spot against a guy who's already a king and has a family tree consisting of a long line of other blue-haired heroes who saved the world in their timeline.

The game was rigged from the start.

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