10 Video Game Enemies Better Than The Final Boss

9. Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3

BioShock Big Daddy

Sometimes, a great story has multiple villains to keep you guessing. Far Cry 3 is nothing if not a great story.

The game’s pair of baddies. Vaas Montenegro and Hoyt Volker, are vastly different characters with their own personal flavours of evil that, combined, give Far Cry 3 a fantastic depth. Still, it’s hard not to think that Vaas outshines the game’s true big bad.

Michael Mando’s performance really brought Vaas to life, especially in the lead-up to the game’s release where he played the character in live-action vignettes. He was front and centre on the game’s box and in-game trailers too and his loud, bright and unhinged persona was something that gamers were keen to experience. Vaas was the kind of character you wanted to see more of - even if doing so meant more chaos for you to deal with as the player.

Neither of the game’s boss fights are particularly interesting in all fairness but the showdown with Vaas comes way too early in the story. Hoyt’s own brand of evil was more calculated and chilling, which is perfectly fine, but with the removal of Vaas from the plot, Far Cry 3 loses a lot of character.

Hoyt was by no means bad but Vaas was simply more engaging, to the point where you’re almost sad to see him go.

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