10 Video Games That Broke All The Rules

10. Gone Home

Gone Home
Fullbright Games

Gone Home remains a great game to this day, but to fully appreciate its impact you need to understand the environment it originally released in. Back in 2013 you couldn't move for walking simulator-style horror games on the PC, with big companies and first-time developers alike using the resources at their disposal to make terrifying haunted house titles to satiate a booming audience.

And, on the surface, that was exactly what Gone Home was.

As soon as you boot the game up you're thrown into a spooky setting; an empty house, a stormy night, family members mysteriously missing and a bunch of puzzles that need to be figured out. However, the developers at Fullbright used this clich├ęd framing to hide the game's true story, which wasn't about supernatural goings ons or anything like that, but was rather a low-key family drama about a young girl coming to grips with her sexuality.

It subverts your expectations at every step, and uses your understanding of other games to pull the wool over your eyes.


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