10 Ways The Gaming Industry Can Improve In The 2020s

New decade, who dis?

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The video game medium has continued to evolve between 2010 and current day, with some incredible technological advancements, along with more than a few drawbacks as well.

On the positive side, we’ve seen games take a huge stride forward from a technical standpoint. With the introduction of current-gen consoles alongside the latest PC hardware, the power these machines can handle has allowed the scope and graphics of modern video games to increase tenfold.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows either. Games-as-a-service models, predatory monetisation and offensively broken or lacklustre launch titles have been all too common over the past ten years.

As we’re expecting to see the next generation of consoles hitting shelves in late 2020, let’s have a look at some of the issues the gaming industry suffered from over the past ten years, and how these could be amended over the next decade.

Originally, this was mostly just going to revolve around kicking EA into the sea, but remarkably, even that wouldn't solve all of the industry's problems. So here are ten follow-up ideas to improve our gaming lives in the 2020s.

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