10 Ways The Next Xbox Will DESTROY PS5

9. Halo

343 Industries

One of the key aspects which will bring previous Xbox users back to Microsoft will be the release of a new Halo.

Yes, Master Chief will be making what we will hope to be a triumphant return to the gaming world, bringing his legion of fans and hardcore Halo players with him.

Halo Infinite will hope to be one of the console's flagship games upon release, and there's little reason to see why the latest instalment won't be anything but breathtaking.

One of the finest first-person shooters to ever hit the gaming world, Halo has been and remains one of the strongest titles tied to one system in history.

343 Industries are the the ones tasked with delivering Halo again this time around, having begun development since 2015.

Expect to see a return to split-screen gaming in this edition, as well as plenty of surprises which might just be enough to entice some of Sony's loyal community over to Microsoft.

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