10 Ways The Next Xbox Will DESTROY PS5

10. Backwards Compatibility


One of the biggest things confirmed for the new Xbox and something which puts it ahead of it's rival at the moment is backwards compatibility.

While both consoles will feature it in some form, Xbox have already confirmed that players will be able to go back in time to play titles from Xbox One, the 360 and the original Xbox.

This is a huge piece of news for those who love their now 'retro' Xbox games, and is perfect for those who might be new to the system and want to get a feel for the original titles which made Microsoft's system such a powerhouse.

The PS5 has confirmed it will at least have backwards compatibility with PS4 games, but seems to be lagging firmly behind Xbox.

It remains to be seen whether Sony will commit more development time to this aspect of its console, but it's risky move to allow Microsoft such an advantage.

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