11 Popular Video Games That Totally Divide People

Some say good, some say bad. The only thing we can agree on is that no one can agree.

The Last of Us Joel Ellie
Naughty Dog

It's a sensation that all gamers are familiar with.

We all have that one game that we will never be able to enjoy, no matter what anyone says.

It sits deep in your soul, burning away quietly as you brace yourself, ever ready for someone to tell you how incredible it is, knowing that you're completely willing to die on that particular hill.

Whether it's a game that's genuinely good with one huge flaw, or a game that really isn't particularly good that people just refuse to stop playing, we've all got titles that we love and titles that we hate, and we all know that someone out there is just waiting to tell you how very wrong they think you are.

The games on this list have earned their spot by merit of being popular despite having a camp of steadfast detractors, and not because they're bad (or good, if that's what you want to get angry about).

11. No Man's Sky

The Last of Us Joel Ellie
Hello Games

No Man's Sky was released in 2016 to absolute outrage from anyone who had paid actual money for it.

It was a mess, and it wasn't ready, and although it was completely gorgeous, there wasn't really anything much to do in the infinite universe that it boasted.

The outrage was - at time of release, at least - completely justified. Hello Games had made a lot of promises and failed to deliver on the vast majority of them.

Since then, however, they have pumped a ridiculous amount of work into patching the game almost beyond recognition. If you played it then and picked it up again now, you'd barely recognise it.

Unfortunately, in spite of how hard Hello Games have worked to plaster the cracks in their oversold promises, there's an incredibly large amount of people who simply aren't willing to give the game a go.

The criticism is valid, although it's a little unfair when you consider just how much effort has been put in to making the game everything it was supposed to be.


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